Zircodent High Translucent – Zircodent Disc High Translucent 1200 Mpa


Zircodent Disc High Translucent 1200 Mpa made from 100% Zirconia TOSOH. 

Orodent strongly recommed this type of zirconia in combination with its staining technique. With High Translucent zirconia you can gain great results with partial ceramic layering. It allows every type of manufacturing from single crown to full bridges with many missing elements where coexist anathomic or parthial reduced. It has 41% translucency.

Available Thickness:
98Ø x 10mm
98Ø x 12mm
98Ø x 14mm
98Ø x 16mm
98Ø x 18mm
98Ø x 20mm
98Ø x 22mm
98Ø x 25mm
98Ø x 30mm