Opallis is a nanohybrid resin composite (microhybrid with nanoparticles) for direct restoration of anterior and posterior teeth. Opallis has unsurpassed optical and mechanical properties, excellent viscosity additionally to handling and sculpting easiness, which guarantees superior finishing and longevity to restorations

On top of all these differentials, Opallis is manufactured with Schott glass, a top class German technology in dentistry, and comes in the widest variety of colors.

All this quality made Opallis conquer its worldwide presence in 55 countries, becoming a synonym of success and satisfaction for dentists and patients.



  • syringe in one of the shades EA1; EA2; EA3; EB2; DA1; DA2; DA3; DB2; E-Bleach; t-Blue; T-Neutral; T-Yellow; E-Bleach H; Opaque Pearl; VH.
    • 1 Ambar 4mL.