Allcem is a radiopaque and dual-curing permanent resin cement. It allows for a variety of applications in indirect restorations.

Allcem is composed of a base paste and catalyst base. The base paste is responsible for the pigmentation of the product and is mixed with the catalyst paste, initiating the chemical cure of the resin cement. It is available in the colors A1, A2, A3 and Trans, which presents a colorless appearance with high translucency, suitable for the cementation of intraradicular posts.
To accelerate the curing process, the product can be light cured – resulting in the dual cure. The product is designed so that when the pastes are mixed in the proportion 1:1 by weight it generates increased adhesive strength, high flexural strength and a high degree of conversion of both in the chemical and dual cure.
Allcem has excellent adhesive and mechanical properties as well as ease of application due to the dual-body syringe, which guarantees the extrusion of the product in the correct proportions (1:1).

The self-mixing nozzles guarantee the homogeneity of the pastes and prevent the inclusion of air bubbles.


  • 1 packaging with 1 double-body syringe with 5g, available in colors: A1, A2, A3 or Trans.
  • 5 mixing nozzles.